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Six Presentations In Seven Days

So I have a lot I want to be writing up more on this blog, and I have tons of ideas/essays/half-done projects that should be added here, but I’ve been busy with a lot of other things, I’m afraid. I’ve got a Code4Lib Journal article that just came out (which I’m both excited and nervous about, more nervous it will not be techy enough or full of lacunae I missed). There has been a lot of changes on the supervisory front. We had consultants come visit and review/audit our technical services departments a few weeks ago (though the Cataloging Unit was in a pretty good place because I’d done a lot of legwork from the beginning on centralized, public documentation of policies and procedures, updating job descriptions, and collecting/analyzing statistics). I’ve accepted a job as Metadata Librarian with the wonderful, wonderful folks at Cornell University Library, starting the first of January. And just life stuff, work stuff, as ever.

One of the things that has been keeping me busy recently also are a string of presentations. However this happened, I’ll be giving 6 presentations in 7 days; 2 at ShareFest (a conference in Nashville, Tennessee), and 4 at/around DLF Forum. This was totally accidental and really stupid of me to do, but here we are. I’m now taking this as a challenge - like those folks who run marathons or whatever. And, luckily, most of these are group presentations, workshops, or panels. This is super exciting to me personally as I’m looking forward to hearing what other awesome folks have to say and discussing with them on a range of good topics.

So below I’m giving little blurbs and links to my presentation materials for sharing with folks. Each presentation (or my portion of each presentation) is on a set of topics that I really want to break out into proper blog posts when I get a chance. A lot of how I got roped into all of these presentations, too, is because they are on topics that I really want to see discussed more or in a different context at conferences (though not necessarily discussed by me).

If you’re just looking these over virtually, well thanks! Also, if you have feedback on any of the following, please let me know: or @cm_harlow on Twitter.

Presentation 1: Introducing the Digital Library of Tennessee (a DPLA Service Hub), ShareFest

DLTN introduction:

Presentation 2: Metadata Quality Analysis Tools, ShareFest

Metadata quality analysis presentation:

Presentation 3: Geospatial Tools & Metadata Workshop, DLF Forum

Geospatial metadata presentation/workshop:

Presentation 4: DPLA Service Hubs Panel, DLF Forum

DPLA Service Hubs Panel:

Presentation 5: DPLA Data Day, DLF Forum

DPLA data day presentation:

Presentation 6: LODLAM Workshop, DLF Forum

Cleaning and Enhancing metadata workshop: - I need to push my final version of slides, workshop documents to that repository, though I’m stalling because of generally nervousness and my continual revision of ideas for that workshop.