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I’m Christina. I’m a library metadataist, or I work with library data in about any way that can be defined, but predominately with the datasets describing and making discoverable library collections both digital and physical. I’m interested in developing better and more flexible data tools and workflows that can better integrate and expose library collections and information. I am more passionate than I need to be, if not entirely certain of my direction, in metadata quality analysis/control work and the expanding idea and accessibility (to metadataists) of library data authorities. I also really like mountains, beer, coffee, GAA sports, biscuits and hippie herbal teas.

Workshops and Meetings

I learn the most by bringing together people with passionate interests in library data technology and then letting the ideas guide the conversation. I also know that I tend to learn best by actually building things. If you have an event or workshop you’d like to have my help organizing or co-leading, let me know. Some things I’m currently involved with:

  • Islandora Metadata Interest Group
  • OpenRefine in Libraries, Archives and Museums
  • Renegade BIBFRAME (which needs a bit of a kick in the pants, but I’ve been too busy I’m afraid)
  • Mashcat Round 2


I love meeting with people and discussing awesome ideas at a variety of places. If we’ll be at the same place, let me know! We can get a coffee/beer and share ideas and data war stories. Some conferences I’ll be attending this upcoming fall-winter:

  • Code4Lib MDC
  • Access Library Conference. I’ll be on a panel about Navigating Linked Data
  • Digital Library Forum. I may be helping with a workshop and a panel (to be determined)
  • LITA Forum. I am co-leading a workshop on Library Data Tools and Techniques.
  • Semantic Web in Libraries (SWIB).


I am making a real attempt to force myself to write more about my work and ideas, and this blog is a part of that. However, I do have a few proposals under consideration for articles that I hope I’ll be able to share in the near future. I’d love to collaborate with others on a Practical Library Data Work for New Library Platforms type book. If you’re interested, please let me know!

Rest of that Professional Stuff

You can learn about my work experience and education background on my LinkedIn page, if so moved.