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Six Presentations In Seven Days

So I have a lot I want to be writing up more on this blog, and I have tons of ideas/essays/half-done projects that should be added here, but I’ve been busy with a lot of other things, I’m afraid. I’ve got a Code4Lib Journal article that just came out (which I’m both excited and nervous about, more nervous it will not be techy enough or full of lacunae I missed). There has been a lot of changes on the supervisory front. We had consultants come visit and review/audit our technical services departments a few weeks ago (though the Cataloging Unit was in a pretty good place because I’d done a lot of legwork from the beginning on centralized, public documentation of policies and procedures, updating job descriptions, and collecting/analyzing statistics). I’ve accepted a job as Metadata Librarian with the wonderful, wonderful folks at Cornell University Library, starting the first of January. And just life stuff, work stuff, as ever.

Notes On Being A Metadata Supervisor

I’ve been meaning to write this post up for a while. It is still very much a work in progress, so please forgive the winding, rambling nature this post will take. I’m trying to pull together and process ideas and experiences that I can eventually use in my own improvement, or maybe as an essay or article proposal on ‘reskilling catalogers’ and how it is part of a larger re-imagining of library metadata work beyond just teaching catalogers to code or calling cataloging ‘metadata’. If you have feedback on this, please let me know: or @cm_harlow on Twitter. Thanks!

Moving Beyond Authorities Accessyyz Speaker Notes

Here is a post that details some thoughts and experiences that lead to my short slides and other speaking notes for the Navigating Linked Data panel given at the Access YYZ conference. This was originally envisioned as a sort of interactive workshop, since I’ve learned a lot of this by tinkering, so forgive me if it flows a bit awkwardly in place. It was wrapped into a panel to give a better range of projects and approaches, which I’m excited about. All of the following notes were built off of experimentation for particular use cases from a data munger’s viewpoint, not a semantic web developer’s viewpoint, so any corrections, updates, or additions for future reference or edification are very much welcome.

Openrefine Reconciliation Workshop C4lmdc

Here are my slides, handouts, and other information from a OpenRefine Reconciliation Workshop given at the Code4Lib Maryland, DC, and Commonwealth of Virginia 2015 meeting. I want to make them available for others who may be interested in the topic, or those who attended (since this is a lot of information to cover in one workshop). It was built off of experimentation for particular use cases from a data munger’s viewpoint, not a developer’s viewpoint, so any corrections, updates, or additions are very much welcome.